Waiting for the letter „B” !!!GRIG-HD C,ED-0;MOLDA-HD B,ED-0.!! /Asteptare pentru lit. “B” !!!!!



Actualizat acum 2 ore
The echographic examination done on January 10, 2017 tells us that the breeding on November 10 & 11 was successful, and it is well underway; this year somewhere around February 10-11 we shall have pups from Molda and Grig.
Although we had breeding sessions before (we finished one set of alphabet letters and now we are back at letter B of the second set), until now, we did not make these comments before any female gave birth to the pups! I am doing it now because of the people interested in having a mioritic sheperd (especially the ones outside Romania) who wants to search for a puppy and to have correct informations about this breed.
In my personal opinion, there is no mioritic sheperd WITHOUT DEFECTS (some are smaller, some are larger) therefore I want to make aware future owners of this dog breed and not have them influenced just because of the „cuteness” of the puppies until they are at least 2 months old (when they are weaned and they leave their mother); this is because when they are small, all the pups are equally cute. Though, we should know that sometimes, a 5-7 months old puppy would look like a „caricature” of a dog (sometimes you see that in pictures on-line and in some „bigger households”) but these dogs will definitely look better at 2 year old, many times almost unrecognizable better, in a positive way. Also, at 2 years old, a puppy who has fearful, hunchback, dwarf or prognathysm parents or ascendants, they can have a maximum chance to look like them. Because I am a breeder, too, I am a proponent of the idea that, after the birth, people who wants to buy a uppy should also see a photo of the mother (including her head) with her pups. This to eliminate any suspicion of fakes.
For the spirit of correctness I shall mention that 11 months ago we attempted another breeding of Molda with Grig that was unsuccessfull because of some reproductive health problems of Molda which have been solved by her vet,
My interest in this breeding is to see the results, which is an outcome I am waiting for 3 years now; all the ascendants of the 2 parents are dogs bred by my kennel for 3 generations.
My comment is translated in English so we can give a chance to the mioritic dog lovers from abroad, and also to better understand what I had to convey in my message.
Asteptare pentru lit. “B” !!!!!

Examenul ecografic efectuat in 10.01.2017, ne spune ca monta efectuata in zilele de 10&11.nov.2016,este pe drumul cel bun, ar trebui ca in 10-11 febr anul current sa avem pui din Molda si Grig !!!
Desi am mai avut monte facute ( am terminat un alphabet si acum sunt la lit B din al doilea)pana acum, nu am mai facut asemenea comentarii inaintea fatarii vreunei femele!!! O fac acum pentru ca persoanele interesate de a avea un mioritic ( in special cele din afara Romaniei) sa caute pui,avad cat de cat informatii corecte despre rasa.
Dupa parerea mea, NU EXISTA mioritic fara defecte ( unele mai mici iar altele mai mari) , insa prin acest articol vreau sa atentionez viitorii detinatori de caini din aceasta rasa sa nu se lase influientati de frumusetea puilor de la nastere pana la 2 luni ( cand pleaca de langa mama lor) deuarece atunci cand sunt mici toti mioriticii sunt la fel de draguti . Insa, trebuie stiut ca un pui la 5-7 luni poate arata ca o “caricaturea” de mioritic ( cum se pot vedea in spatial one line si la “case mai mari”) insa la 2 ani sigur va arata mult mai bine , de multe ori de nerecunoscut in sens pozitiv ! Tot la 2 ani insa, puiul care are ascendenti fricosi, cocosati ori liliputani sau cu prognatism,au sanse maxime sa semene cu acestia !!! Pentru ca sunt si eu crescator, sustin ideea ca dupa fatare, ( acum ca sunt posibilitati tehnice din abundenta) sa fie facuta poza femelei (careia I se vede si capul) cu puii ei. Asta pentru a nu exista suspiciuni de falsuri !!!
Pentru a fi correct pana la capat,trebuie sa spun ca monta dintre GRIG si molda, a mai fost facuta in urma cu 10-11 luni insa rezultatul a fost negative urmare a unor problem de sanatate ( din zona reproducerii) ale Moldei care a fost rezolvat de medical veterinar !!!
Interesul meu la aceasta monta este acela de a vedea ce rezulta, monta, pe care o astept de 2-3 ani , ascendentii celor 2 exemplare pana la strabunici sunt fatati in canisa mea!!!
Comentariul, este tradus si in engleza pt a da posibilitatea iubitorilor de mioritic straini , sa inteleaga bine ce am vrut eu a transmite !!

SIRET, MOLDA SI URSU, EXPOCraiova 2016 !!!




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OLT, LUNA, MANDRU, si MOLDA de Gotca, EXPO MEDIAS 2014 !!!


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MANDRU, IORDAN,MOLDA si LUNA de GOTCA, Craiova 2013 ziua 2 !!!!!


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